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RAM Performance is the Subaru division of RAM Racing Engines,ltd. Naturally asperated, supercharged, drag, road, street or off road racing we can design, build and dyno your Subaru project engine. 

Call with your project and for pricing.

3.3L  6 cylinder for 911 porsche road race, Dynoed @ 392 hp

3.3 L  SVX 6 cyl. for raod racing in 911 Porsche 

392 hp on pump gas.


2.3L supercharged 4 cyl. for aircraft 5lbs boost - 257 hp pump gas              


2.3L Spintex supercharged 6lbs. boost - 275hp pump gas

EA81 1.8L pushrod engine, Rotrex supercharged, dry sump -179 hp pump gas 

83mm stroker, 2.7L SOHC engine will be fitted w\RAM stage2 heads


RAM has done it again, fitted a roller cam system to the EA81 engine. This is not a DIY system and you must send the engine in for fitting.
Call or email for pricing. 

Home ServicesAboutImage GalleryContact UsEnginesFor Sale items