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RAM 115A is our smallest of the RAM line but by no means is powerless. Built on the EA81 base this little engine is MPEFI, crank trigger ignition, one coil per plug, 115 hp and runs on auto fuel.

                                                                               RAM 115A  Specifications  

                     *  4cylinder horizonally opposed 1.8L                                      
                     * Mulit-port electronic fuel injection
                     * Fuel - 93 oct. auto fuel

                     * 55 amp alternator

                     * one coil per spark plug

                     * 115 hp @ 5000

                     * 160 hp w\supercharger added 

                     * weight - 140 lbs.

                     * no need for intake heat

                     * serpentine belt system

                                                                                                                          *  cost $9995.00

                                                                                              Optional additions: * motor mounts $389.95
supercharger $5000.00                                                                                                                                                            * Autoflight redrive $3995.00    

 RAM 115 SC - 160HP@5 psi boost


RAM160A is based on the Subaru 2.2L SOHC engine. Built with the same high quality parts and lightweight design, as all RAM engines are, this engine is larger but more powerful than the RAM115A. MPEFI , crank triggered timing, coil pack and custom, lightweight intake makes this engine a good choice for a larger project, add the supercharger option and push it to 230 hp.

Cost $11,995.00

Options: Autoflight Redrive $4695.00
               Supercharger kit $5495.00
               Motor mounts  $495.00


Video of RAM115A installed in a Europa owned and built by Fred Klein, Thanks Fred!



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